As more Peterson collectors begin to talk to each other worldwide, new information about the marque, its history, shapes, lines and series, will emerge. When there is no conflict with material being presented in the forthcoming book, I will revise any comments made in the blog, simply adding a “(Revised)” after the the title. This page will give the bona fide Pete Nut a quick overview of revised blogs and a synopsis of the new material.

RESTORING AN OLD PETERSON SANDBLAST SYSTEM (23 May 2015)–Thanks to Jorgen Jensen, who revised the dates this shape was available, in corroboration with the factory manager, Tony Whelan, Jr.

PETERSON CHUBBIES PART 3: THE 107 STRAIGHT BILLIARD (3 May 2015)–Revision to the date this shape appeared, along with new illustrations.

CLOSING THE GAP: THE MYTHOS OF PETERSON’S SPACE-FITTING SYSTEM STEM (8 June 2015)–Revision incorporating Master Carver Paddy Larrigan’s answers to my questions!

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