55. The New (Vintage) Amber Spigots

peterson-105In late December, Smokingpipes.com received about 30 or so new Peterson vintage amber spigots. By the time I found out about them later in the day, all but four had sold. But recently Conor Palmer, commercial director at Peterson, sent me several photos of these pipes, leading me to wonder if more may hit the internet at some point in the near future. Maybe Peterson just wanted to mark the occasion and had their photographer in that day, but my hunch is that there’s a few more that will be on the market. Either way, I thought I’d post a few of the photos he sent and tell you a little bit more about Peterson’s history with amber mouthpieces.

I won’t repeat what Sykes Wilford and Andrew Wilkes have already written, so you might first want to head over and read what they have to say at https://www.smokingpipes.com/smokingpipesblog/single.cfm/post/amber-stems-and-petersons-amber-spigot-line. Their words of caution for prospective owners are all to the good.

peterson-87-105You’ve probably run across vintage amber-stemmed Petes on eBay and elsewhere, and invariably you’ve found a beautiful old pipe with a broken stem. Arguably the most beautiful mouthpieces ever made for pipes, amber isn’t as durable as horn, and much more brittle. It was bought in lumps (seen in one of the 1906 catalog photos on the bench in front of Chalres Peterson) and worked by Charles and his right-hand man Jimmy Malone into P-Lip mouthpieces until shortly after the Great War, when amber prices went through the ceiling.

Soldiers returning home weren’t nearly as interested in the prestige of an amber stem as they were—quite understandably—in durability. You’ve only got to look at some of the pipes they brought home from that war and the Boer Wars before it to know what I’m talking about. They wanted something that could take quite a bit of abuse, and amber just wasn’t it.

peterson-86-smoothNevertheless, although Peterson quit advertising amber stems, they still had enough call for them to have purchased the raw material and worked the stems until at least 1939—according to the sale receipt found early last year when the Smokingpipes folks were poking around at the factory.

Smokingpipes weren’t the first to stumble upon stores of amber at the factory, nor the first to have them made up into pipes since Peterson quit offering them. That story will have to wait for the Peterson book. But the beautiful idea of sheathing the delicate stems in a spigot is something that hasn’t been seen from Peterson in the last century.

peterson-105-sideOn most of the pipes I’ve seen, the stems do seem short—an optical illusion caused by the fact that they likely weren’t intended for spigot treatment. It’s also possible they may have been intended as “tubes,” or cigarette holders, but could just as easily be adapted for pipe stems. In either case, as any aficionado of Nose-Warmers can tell you, a short stem doesn’t mean a hot smoke.

ft-304-amber-natural-reverseAmber is not for clinching, being harder than either horn or acrylic, but as most of us (at least here in the U.S.) are getting used to the idea of acrylic, the experience shouldn’t be too dissimilar. If you’ve bought any of the recent vintage Ropp horn-stemmed pipes, you’re getting closer to what amber will be like.

While the original P-Lip mouthpieces had a graduated bore, I don’t know if Jason Hinch (silversmith at Peterson) has been able to preserve the graduation or not. It is theoretically possible to make a P-Lip spigot, as I have a P-Lip vulcanite spigot made for me by his predecessor David Blake. My own Peterson spigots do seem to smoke a bit wetter than regular P-Lips, but that’s in no way a complaint, just an observation worth passing on.

x220-p-lip-amberIf they appear again on the market, you can expect to pay around $340 for a natural finish high-grade bowl, or a bit less for a brushed black rustic. If you’ve got deeper pockets (about another $100), there are still a few sites on the Italian market where, quite sensibly, you can get a natural high grade bowl made up with two spigot mouthpieces—one amber, one vulcanite. At either price, not a bad investment to companion a piece of Peterson’s earliest history!


Top photos courtesy Peterson Pipes
Other photographs courtesy Smokingpipes.com and AlPascia.it

Rath Dé ort!


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  1. I had an estate Peterson Pipe with fitted case that I purchased from Barry Levin years ago.
    It was a small vest pocket type pipe with oval bowl and gold band.
    I was showing to some fellow pipe smokers at the local B&M and accidentally dropped it. Much to my shock and sadness the stem broke in several pieces. I could never reglue the pieces and decided to send to a pipe repair service to have a new stem made. It came back with a lucite stem with P-lip perfectly matching the broken stem but I was never happy that he wasn’t able to obtain the amber that I wanted.
    I kept the pieces and vowed to never purchase a pipe with amber stem again.
    The value of the estate pipe was obviously ruined by my failure to safely handle the pipe.
    It still looks good but it is not the same.
    I display it not only for its age and shape but also my carelessness.
    BTW I contacted Angela at Peterson Pipe but no one there was willing to tackle remaking an amber stem at that time.

    1. Well, now might be the time for that pipe to make a return trip to Ireland. It’s possible Jason Hinch could fit it up for you.

  2. I was able to watch the stocks at Smokingpipes.com quickly melt away. The temptation to buy one was strong, but my finances were saved by two things. One was simply the expense of the pipes. The other was the impracticality of amber stems. As you noted, amber fell out of favor for reasons other than price. Given that I am a smoker far more than a collector, my Pete budget is better allocated to other pipes.

    1. My reasoning process matched yours exactly. I’m no one’s idea of a “collector,” being a “companioner” / smoker. Still… these are amazing pieces.

      1. They certainly are amazing. I am not sure I have seen anything quite this intrinsically special produced in decades.

    2. Buroak….i am still torn as to whether i will use either of my Amber stems, or just stick with the Acrylic stem, with a Softee on it. i have come up with a sweet solution to protect them, should i decide to use them….instead of a Softee, i order some 3M clear heat shrink tubing. Just today, i sleeved the entire amber portion of the Fishtail Stem, and it shrunk to a perfect, airtight fit.

      i think i now will use this method on all my stems, and give up the Softees, since, once they have any saliva on them, they slip around…the shrink tubing isn’t going anywhere, unless i remove it…i am so glad i read about that idea, and wish i remembered where i saw it, so i could credit the innovator. In any event, i am thankful for his suggestion, it works perfectly.

      Be Well,


  3. A few more showed up in today’s update from Smokingpipes.com.

  4. The amber stems sure look great but for functionality I think I’d prefer an amber lucite stem. Or one lucite & one vulcanite!

    1. That’s what makes the 2-stem idea so appealing to me. I can get along with an acrylic stem, but really, vulcanite has that rugged versatility that I expect and desire from a Pete.

      1. Has anyone actually handled one of these? I am curious as to whether the stem airway looks like that of a true P-lip.

      2. So far my only acrylic stem is the one on my 2016 B10 Christmas pipe. It’s a bit of an adjustment from vulcanite but not as much as I had feared it might be. Beautiful smoker too!

      3. Buroak —as you my have seen in my posts, i purchased One of the Amber stem/Acrylic stem beauties. Mr. Irwin saw the photos. The beauty of this pipe is sublime. The grain is stunning, especially in the honey-toned natural finish, accented by the usual, stunning Sterling Collar and Spigots. Mine, i think is somewhat unusual, in that both stems are fishtail. No P-Lip, even on the amber. i asked Glen Whelan about it to be certain, before asking Smoking Pipes if they had mistaken an acrylic spigot piece for an Amber one, but Glen assured me it was indeed amber. i do not mind acrylic, since i use Softees on all my stems, cuz i clench.

        Things turned scary, as you can read in my posts, but i will repeat , Peterson is the Real Deal. Without a bit of question, they informed me they would find the best bowl to replace the flawed original, plus return the one that started to burn out, to use for display, or even repair with pipe mud. Glen Whelan and Conor Palmer, i have to say, are as Customer Minded as anyone i’ve encountered…it has been 2 weeks, but as i am writing this, it has been in the air from London Heathrow for 34 minutes…so now it just will be Customs, then home to Lawrence, KS, from where ever they process it. i am hoping to see it mid, perhaps late this coming week, and i am excited. They go above and beyond, in a world where most companies don’t care to know you after you’ve made your purchase. Peterson takes the long view, and does it right, full stop

        The last thing i will say about these pipes. How many are there?, somewhere between 30 – 40 of these, with maybe more to come? i knew i wanted a Peterson, and had been evaluating for over a month. As unusual as it sounds, for someone seeking a Peterson, i was looking for a Straight Billiard or Dublin. i came close on a couple of auctions, but i decided to look on Smoking Pipes one day, and BOOM!, there it was! At a reasonable price to boot. i was a bad boy and tapped savings to get it, but i didn’t see the chance coming again, so i pulled the trigger immediately. Listed as an Estate pipe —Odd, considering they were just found and made in 2016, and it was mint, unsmoked gorgeous. i have a feeling it will hold its value well, especially after reading what the twin mouthpiece set is valued at currently. i do not yet know if i will even smoke the amber stem, even for a special occasion. It’s beauty begs to remain pristine, and maybe this sounds like hyperbole, but i see this pipe as being of heirloom stature. There will be a YT video of the un-boxing soon after it arrives…i can hardly wait. Now its twin stems, and twin bowls.

        Please forgive my lack of Brevity, and Cheers!,


      4. Mark,

        i think there may be some variance in what stems get used. i am
        99.99999%(repeating) certain that my non amber stem is Acrylic, not Vulcanite or Ebonite. It does not feel similar on the teeth to any of my pipes with the standard Vulcanite. It feels very much like hard plastic. i could be wrong, as i have been many times, but my 27 yr old Nording that Erik made for me at the Most Revered Tabac shop in our area, is on its 2nd Vulcanite stem, and the feel of those stems are as you’d expect Vulcanite to feel on the teeth.

        The Peterson black stem i got with this feels completely different…actually, from trying them out for feel, the black stem feels very similar to how the natural amber stems feel on the chompers.

        Maybe worth asking Smoking Pipes, or even Glen or Conor, to be certain.

        Be Well,


      5. Yes, it is acrylic, you’re right. I can’t say enough good things about the P-Lip acrylic I’ve been smoking, but the fishtail acrylics are not as comfortable to me. Must be the difference in having that upper and lower wall on the P-Lip.

  5. Mr. Lemon,

    In truth, I am beginning to prefer the new acrylic P-lips. The very thick and round P-lip stems found on current production System pipes are less comfortable than their increasingly common acrylic replacements.

    My question about the P-lip amber stems has to do with my concern that pipe cleaners will gouge into the the stems when making the turn at the button. A faux P-lip might avoid that kind of wear.

  6. Hello, just 6 days ago, i purchased the 2 stem Amber/Acrylic Spigot pipe from SmokingPipes.com. Beautiful Straight grain, all marks and Cartouchés are crisp and defined. Then, one bowl of Burley a day for 5 days, slowly sipping, and it already has a small burnout beginning beside the draftway. SmokingPipes is cool as far as exchange/refund/repair at heir shop. i am first waiting for an email back from Peterson.

    If it can be repaired in a satisfactory way, fine, but they have no more Amber, so i do not wish to exchange, or get a refund, unless i can find an equal replacement. If Peterson would replace the shape 15 Bowl, i would be very happy. It killed me to see the burnout spot yesterday. This is a pipe a person hopes for for a lifetime…

    What do you guys think? Is a “Pipe Mud” or other repair reliable enough to try that route? i would bet SmokingPipes has Spigot bowls that would fit, but none were mentioned. It isnt a horrible burnout, just a pea sized area is now about 1/16 ” thinner than before. i know they will handle things with integrity, i just don’t want to lose my Amber beauty to a bowl flaw.

    All opinions on how best to handle will be greatly appreciated,


    1. KT, my advice: keep the amber stem, send the bowl back to Peterson for a replacement. The mounts are now all exactly 11mm, according to Joe Kenny at the factory, so it will be easy to replace. They got a new machine installed in 2015 that standardizes all the spigot mortises. I’ve had too many Pete bowls do exactly what you say, and yes, pipe-mud will do the job, but then there’s the fun of smoking the pipe until the cigar taste goes away and always knowing there’s a potential problem there. (Still, I’ve got a 2009 POTY that I thought had a serious burnout, and Peterson replaced it with the 2010 and sent me back the 2009 bowl as well. What I’m saying if you’re following my rambling here is that they may send you back the shape 15 bowl with the pea-size burnout as well as a new “A” grade 15. Sometimes they won’t have an “A” grade bowl to hand, but they’re always super about replacements.) Sending it to Smokingpipes (and they’re awesome) means losing the amber stem. Peterson will take a few weeks — time in the mail, time for them to process, time back — but that’s the route I’ve always followed. It just takes a bit of patience.

    2. KT — just looked at your 15 bowl on Smokingpipes (it was the estate, right?). Yeah, I’d definitely hope they’ll send that back to you. It’s gorgeous. Their policy seems to be that they certainly don’t have any use for it, so why not give it back to you after they’ve taken a look at it? I don’t understand why this happens so frequently (or maybe just to me), but I do know they can only make sure there’s no problems inside the bowl down to about half-way, or so Tony Whelan, Jr. once told me.

      1. Yes, that’s the one! It had a bit of rim darkening when i took delivery of the pipe, but the bowl looked 100% unsmoked. Its as if someone wanted to give it a try, but gave up after trying to light it. You know from seeing it why i don’t want to turn loose of this beauty. i’d think it would be an incredibly rare happening. i don’t want to send it to smoking pipes, either….if i did, it would be without the amber stem, for them to evaluate, and see i they could get Peterson to take care of it.

        You are right about pipe mud repair. This was a pretty spendy item to starting holding together with bailing wire and chewing gum, perhaps 15-20 yrs from now, but these were all just made this year. Otherwise the cake was coming along perfectly.

        So far, i haven’t gotten a return email from Peterson. i may call them Monday, but i imagine my cell charge for that will be insane, but i really want this in whole condition. i would think with Peterson’s reputation, they would simply exchange another 15 Natural bowl. i do definitely need to talk to someone at Peterson before sending it off to Ireland. i have heard they do right by their customers, i hope they continue the tradition with mine. i have heard rumors that more amber stems may be coming, but i don’t want to count on that happening. The only way i will send it to Smoking Pipes is if they got another of this set in, in the same shape. i was so flipping amazed to see it sitting there unsold, that i had to pull from savings, to not let it get away….i so hope this comes out right.

        Thanks for your feedback!

        Kind Regards,


      2. Keep me posted, will you? Want to hear how this story turns out.

      3. Hi Mark, I emailed with Conor on Monday, he and Glen Whelan had selected 10 new bowls to evaluate which is best, and it should have mailed today, latest tomorrow, and as many had suspected, they are sending the defective bowl back, with Glen telling me, “Try some pipe mud on it, it could last for years.” They are flat-out non-pareil when it comes to Customer Appreciation and Service.

        Sure it takes a little while to get it all done, but done right beats done fast most any day. i will be launching my Youtube Channel when it arrives. i filmed when it first arrived, so i am going to tie the replacement and their service into the story, and i will post the link(hopefully i wont be so ugly as to break any screens!).

        i am pondering using the previous bowl, together with the amber stem as a nice display, but its just a thought. i am so excited about it, i can hardly wait. i don’t know that i want to risk using the Amber stem to smoke, even special occasions. i was so blessed to stumble on to a true rare item, at a ridiculously low(not cheap, but low) price, and it had never been smoked. Those opportunities are somewhat like amazing garage sale finds. Had i let it go, i doubt i’d have seen another chance to own one of the 30 —at least they claim that’s it, none left, but something tells me there may be a few more to come. Either way, i am beyond delighted, maybe one day i will be able to afford one of the Silver Cap line, but not holding my breath….still seeking Bing’s Merchant Service Special most diligently.

        Thank You for all your input on your experiences. It was very comforting to read when i was afraid my once in a lifetime pipe was a goner for good, and every part of what you said would likely happen, has happened, so Thank You again for putting my mind at ease. Updates will come as i hear more, and once it arrives.
        Kinda feel like a kid waiting for Christmas to come!

        Best Regards,


  7. Hi Mark,
    Everybody says it, and they live up to it. Just got the email today, and they are actually making a new bowl, to ensure no issues, and sending it out next Thursday. i just cannot say enough about these guys! If they send the previous one back also, that would be excellent(more silver is never bad!), but the fact that they just attacked this issue so positively, i am delighted, either way.

    My next was going to be a Savinelli, and still may be, but Peterson’s is doing a great deal to earn my loyalty. Still, a Merchants Service Special, as Bing Crosby smoked is my Grail pipe….this one was mighty close to that level.

    i will post an update when it arrives back

    Be Well,


  8. Hey Trout, so lovely to hear your story is having a happy ending. Hope you will smoke it, at least once, when it arrives. Life is always a risk, and remember, it’s just a piece of wood until you smoke it–then it’s a pipe!

    1. Hi Mark, First off, Thank You very much for pointing me in the right direction. The only way i could be happier would be if my pipe were in my hand right now….Yes, i’m like a kid impatient for Christmas morning, waiting to see the new bowl!

      i am definitely going to smoke the pipe, but i’ve been mixed on whether to use the amber stem…Think i should give it a go? i’d hope alcohol would clean out any tar discoloration. Since i am mostly bed-bound, the odds of dropping and breaking are quite low, so that doesn’t concern me. i have a length of clear heat shrink tubing that i bought to possibly use as a protector, to keep any chatter off it…a black Softee doesn’t look good at all on it. i still don’t know. Guess i will ponder it over a few bowls. 🙂 Question— is cigar ash the only ash suitable to make pipe mud?

      On another fortunate visit, i was lucky enough to be on Smoking Pipes while they had 1 lb bags of my beloved MacBaren HH Vintage Syrian in stock, i got 2. That plus my 3-1.75 oz, and another 3 – 3.5 oz tins wont last forever, but it is just so good(ImHO) i couldn’t resist.

      i will be stocking as much as i am able to get, while also building on my Dunhill cellar before that party ends as well. i also got some Turkish Izmir, mixed it with the Syrian….makes a nice Pseudo-Balkan, and a very pleasant way to stretch that subtle, wonderfully complex Syrian Latakia. Whether or not the true Latakia comes back is obviously secondary by light years, to the people, whose lives likely will never return to any previous normalcy. Such senseless tragedy.

      Again, my Many Thanks,


    2. Mark, They outdid themselves, beyond sending the old and new bowls….they sent another amber stem! This time a P-Lip, with a note from Glen Whelan — Enjoy your amber “twins”. i thought there may be a slim chance they might put in a tin of tobacco, but a 2nd amber stem? This guy is a customer for life, full stop i wonder how much amber they have left. Last i had heard it was under 50, but i have to think there may be more, with them freely sending mine, with no need to do so…..Wow, just wow.

      Bout to mud the previous bowl, and maybe have a half bowl of Balkan to start the process withe the new, beautiful bowl…..video & link by Saturday..a simulated Yabo…but i had to open upon arrival, just had to, and glad i did!

      Take good care,


      1. K.T., Whoa–a P-Lip AMBER. THAT’S a prize, my friend. Yes, please send video & link for everyone to enjoy. There should be a bone screw-in tenon extension. It does enhance the smoking experience, so you should leave it on. You can clean the mouthpiece without removing it. I knocked a very tiny tip off my P-Lip button trying to insert a pipe cleaner, so I insert from the tenon-end now and am careful not to go out through the P-Lip. Can’t really see it, but I can feel it, and IT HURTS!!!

  9. Mark…do not despair, it seems that there must be more amber stems…just as your article said…who knows how many. Neither Glen or Conor may know. i definitely feel ya on the “flaw you know about, that no one else will notice”. That is why i wanted to have the original bowl replaced. Sure it may last decades with the repair, but i would always know it had the flawed spot, covered over with ash putty…it would have diminished my love of it, knowing the flaw was there, period— and i could never have sold it in good conscience.

    You might give it a go, getting in touch with Glen, and seeing if they could find a replacement for you. You never know. Since mine was an estate pipe, they easily, and as most companies would, tell me to pound sand. Instead they covered it, and then some! It being unsmoked probably made the difference, but still it really would have been completely reasonable for them to have not covered it. Perhaps they would exchange yours, or send it back with a replacement “twin”. i haven’t seen any literature from them, warning about the possibility of chipping an amber P-Lip while cleaning with a pipe cleaner. You also must have some relationship with them, to put together such great articles, and getting photos and info from them. Obviously, you know more than i on this, but i’d certainly ask, The worst they could do is offer to sell you one.

    i am guessing there isn’t a huge number remaining, but— for them to just throw one in with my replacement bowl tells me it wasn’t the last one either. You very well may find & purchase a new one soon, if they do another series release. All this time, i had been waiting for the Rosslare Royal Irish in a Billiard shape, or a Silver Cap Series. Then that amazing day i stumbled across the Amber stem natural— i knew it was a “get this, it may never happen again” situation. The Rosslare is a gorgeous pipe, but these pipes are heirloom level to me. With the pipe mud fix, i have been smoking the original pipe, no problems at all. It could last several years. When it is retired, it could still be a very nice display piece, with one of the ambers.

    What a blessing! 1.) Find a beautiful pipe of true rarity at a ridiculously low price. 2.) Have a burnout after 5 bowls. 3.) Not only do they return the original bowl, as you prophesied, they “toss in” an Amber P-Lip stem. After having repaired the original, i actually end up with 2 of how ever many of these exists….it boggles the mind. i have had a very emotionally rough & overwhelming month in most other aspects of life, so it was a real balm to have all of that happen. i truly needed something good to happen, silly as it may sound.

    i have been trying to film my first YouTube. It covers the whole process. i am going to try to get an audience poll on whether or not i should smoke through the amber, or keep it pristine, and use the regular stem…i am not binding myself to the vote, but i want to see what people think. i am going to write an outline to try and film the finalized version then edit it tonight or tomorrow. i hope to post before the weekend is over. I thought i’d be done now, but i need to work from notes, just winging it hasn’t worked so well. Again, i will be sending the link when it is up, and i appreciate that you would share it…i am going to try to do a show worthy of maybe a handful people willing to chip in a buck or 2 a month on Patreon, not with any plans of wealth, but if it earned enough to purchase and review various blends, or help get through a rough spot sometime. (this is not an appeal for a donation, btw. i haven’t even started a pateron acct.)

    Now that the possibility of Social Security Disability being cut exists, i have to find something more profitable than YouTube in order to keep a roof over our heads. Don’t know what that would be, but i will have to figure out some options, quickly, in the meantime, so we aren’t out on the street. i need to advertise my recording Studio more, and turn my aim to more established bands. i had been running it to help start-up bands get a professional demo recording, for what they can afford. That has not yielded enough revenue to continue with only struggling artists. i will need some full price bands to come in, but i am going wayyyyyyy off topic…My Apologies. Back to pipes, for my last bit.

    i don’t know if this is a fluke or not, but his P-Lip doesn’t have a bone screw tenon, it is a straight spigot like the fishtail was. i can’t pretend to know all of the mysteries of amber in Sallynoggin. i wish it had that type of tenon, it sounds really cool, and i love obscure oddities like that.

    Now my quest turns to finding the elusive Merchant Service Special….Bing’s pipe, and smoke nothing but Crooner through it. It is equally possible that i will get another Peterson or 5 prior to finding my Bing.

    Link(s) to come!, Be Well, and Have a Great Weekend!


  10. KT, thanks for the update. I would be honored to post your video here in the blog when you get it finished. No worries about that bone tenon extension. Sooner or later, with your passion, you’ll companion a Peterson with said device!

    1. Mark, Thank you for being willing to include my video. i also owe you a huge thanks for putting up with my lack of brevity. For the revised video, i have made an outline. i plan to start fresh tomorrow, as i am just not happy with much of my initial efforts at all. i filmed the arrival of the first pipe, and planned to then go thru the chronology of the exceptional Peterson Service. You are name-checked in this, for pointing me in the right direction. i always thank people who help me when i am unsure how to proceed. It is especially wonderful when it comes from someone who doesn’t even know me, but is as helpful as they would be to a Friend.

      Anyway, starting from scratch tomorrow, making less of a production of it. Hopefully my notes are comprehensive enough, that editing will not be necessary. This may be a stupid question, but does YouTube charge to post videos? Another stupid question…How does the show name “Trout’s Stream of Interests” sound?

      In any event, i have had, as previously mentioned, a lot of plates to keep spinning. My Parents in their 80s are starting to have problems arising from their health problems, which i am trying to help with. Then i found out some EXTREMELY worrying facts about my Youngest, my only Daughter, and her Clinical Depression and Panic. i wont share details, as they are quite awful and troubling. i am just delighted that she is not afraid to come to us with these things, and to open up to a doctor, as she did on Friday. These things, along with the possibility of Disability being discontinued, are conspiring to keep me in a terrified, overwhelming state.

      i definitely will be seeking the combination you’ve told me about. Now that i know of it, there is no way i can stop pursuing it….hopefully there are Bone Tenon Amber Spigots out there. If there are, i will find it! You are correct about my passion for these pipes. First, they are quality, top to bottom, built with an eye both on durability and beautiful; aesthetics. They have easily earned my unending loyalty.

      Here’s to a Better Week, and hoping yours is great, too— Cheers!


      1. Through all the stress and distress, and 8 different filmings, i have a version to post! Now i have to figure out a couple of Final Cut Pro editing tricks, and i will finally have a nice video to post. Apologies for it taking so long, life has been more than overwhelming lately, and it doesn’t look as if that will be changing, for a number of reasons, so i am just going to press ahead.

  11. No worries, KT! I have been gone for a few weeks & am just back and settling into the L&D work on the book, so take your time — I know it will be great!

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