15. Peterson at the 2014 Trade Shows

Dortmund 3Conor Palmer, Commercial Director at Peterson, recently returned from the world’s biggest tobacco and smoking accessories trade show, the Inter-Tabac, in Dortmund, Germany. It was held this year from 19-21st of September at the Westfalen Halle.

Dortmund 1Writes Conor, “The trade show in Dortmund was really incredible. Tom claims that it is growing year on year, and judging by the crowds I think he is right. The demand and reaction to Peterson and the products which we have is really incredible. The most common things we heard were “We don’t get enough of your pipes” and “We’d like to sell your pipes in our country”—both of which are very encouraging. We were very busy over three days and the sentiment was very positive.”

Dortmund 2I asked him how it compared to his first experience at a trade show, our own IPCPR, The International Premium Cigar and Pipe Retailers, which held its 83rd show in Las Vegas back in late July (the 19th-23rd):

“Dortmund is indeed bigger than IPCPR and attracts a global audience. Despite all the impending legislation and talk of how the industry is going, it was remarkable to see the numbers that attended.”

Dortmund 5Of special interest to Pete Nuts are the hints of new pipes to come. I won’t spoil anything, but take a look at the photos Conor sent. More to come in a few weeks!

Dortmund 4And here’s a few photos Conor sent of the IPCPR Peterson kiosk last July:


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  1. I can only wish that I had been able to attend but I’m sure my pocket book is glad that I didn’t.

  2. Let me offer you some solace: I don’t think Conor sold any pipes at the show–just took orders! However, now’s the time to begin saving up. I’ve asked him if he’ll do a trunk show when we bring the book to the Chicagoland Show in May 2016.

  3. Am I missing some pictures? Those new shapes – are there any closer-up pictures of them? Do they include a straight squat bulldog?

    1. You’ve got to enlarge them, Linwood and you’ll something that’s not been done much in the last several decades. Just click on the photo, then click on it again. They’re pretty high-rez.

  4. Oh, yea, sure.
    Tell us there’s new shapes or surprises in the works and leave us hanging!!!
    And that the Peterson compilation is also a long way off!!!
    The anticipation will make it all the sweeter. 🙂

    Thanks for the update.

    1. Andy, well, since no one reads comments, I’ll tell you a secret. Peterson’s released a short film — about 9 min — and it will be world-premiered RIGHT HERE. They’re still screening it to a few of their distributors, but the world internet premiere will be here. It ROCKS. Very, very cool. Stay tuned. Also: the new shapes have been photographed and you’ll get pix PLUS text about each shape from K&P right here. About November 15th, Conor says…

  5. Thank you Mark. I don’t have enough knowledge of Peterson pipes to have noticed anything “not normal Peterson” in the pics (Except for the Founders Edition box!). I do see a few that I would love to have….just a few – dozen.

    1. Hi Linwood, you caught the Big One–the Founder’s Edition. It’s going to have a fairly small run, and we’re promised pix in a few weeks. Good luck with CORPS this weekend. I know it will be the greatest show you guys have ever had.

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